Sarah Sim

Clothing that wants to be worn even after 10 years
Like a pen, Clothing, made with high quality materials and
elaborate patterns that lightly wraps your body
Clothing that fill the wearer with pride.
There is an unchanging philosophy in the clothing of the designer Sim Sul-hwa.

Sarah Sim, who reinterpreted woman
in the most beautiful and noble sense,
Her fashion philosophy is the perfection of beauty
which springs up from within.

As she continued to strive for the perfection of beauty
through her collection in the past 38 years,
she expressed her passion for beauty through models in the fashion shows and
as early as in 2001 Paris Collection.
She started to show the natural skin expression through sheer gloss and high gloss style.

Her such innovative senses always shined brightly as she continued to communicate
and form consensus with the fashion models around her and based on the lifestyles of them,
a new skin care line, Fashion Cosmetics, is launched.

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14 MARS 2002


9 OCTOBRE 2002


9 OCTOBRE 2002

After graduation from Seoul National University majoring department of clothing and textile
Sarah sim Joined LG fashion as one of the first chosen employees in 1981, And she secured her position in ready-made clothing for ten years while working for KOLON fashion Inc. as the chief designer. Moreover, she launched ‘Desinger Bridge line’ in Central department stores in Seoul and she leaded Pret-a-porter Desinger’s brand which aims at luxury market.

In2001, She stepped into a global competitiveness with ‘Sarah Sim’ After that, she came
Into the spotlights of K-wave designer

  • COSMOPOLITAN CHINA Interview (2016/feb)
  • 2011 ASIA TOP DESINGER GRANPRIX (Pret-a-porter)
1981Graduated from Seoul National University /Major in ‘Clothing’
1981(Previously named “Bando(LG) Fashion”). Was chosen as one of the four employees out of 1000 applicants.
Launched a new European high casual brand
1984Participated in developing materials within the department which was under direct control of the president of KOLON Developed “HIPORA” which is the 1st breathable waterproof material in Korea Merchandised design products to a sports casual company having the sales volume of 10 million dollars per year
1987Established the 1st Fashion Information Lab in Korea Published a magazine for fashion trend
1988Design consulting for FINETECH which was a uniform company and subsidiary one of SKYLARK of Japan First contract made for exports in design
1990Held the first fashion show abroad (Tokyo AKASKA LAFORET Museum)
1990Established ‘Beraka’ Co.,Ltd
1991(Launched a high-end brand “Shim Sul-Hwa Beraka” using high-end imported materials Opened shops in various department stores in Korea such as Shinsegae/ Lotte/ Hyundai / Galleria Dept.
1991~1998Provided design for YSL, the biggest volume in fashion for Samsung C&T in order for imported material information to be supplied fully Initially promoted design for menswear in Korea
Planned design for various companies including casualwear for men, sportswear and LG Fashion
(Was able to gain knowhow on mass production and manufacturing infrastructure)
1993Planned all in all on uniform for LG Technopia in Daejeon EXPO
1999~2000Overcame the economic hardship in Korea under IMF with merchandising in GS home shopping and CJ homeshopping) Succeeded in business with accurate strategy in products targeted to general population and knowhow in mass production

Was president in IIDA with five famous designers in Korea which was established when CJ home shopping started
2000Won a Prize ‘the world first design website’ for its data (the only website chosen within fashion industries by the Ministry of Information and Communication Merchandised online design to prospective fashion designers & companies
2001~2004Held Paris Collection under SARAH SIM’ (Sponsored by CJ Group)
2001~2002Hyosung Co.,ltd (famous Korean company in chemical fiber)
Uniquely consulted as a fashion designer on developing Polyester, Nylon, Spandex
2003Participated in MODAIN Exhibition in Italy
2003Contract with NASIGN as World’s #1 leather company and ‘NASIGN by SARAH SIM’
2003Launched Korea’s 1st Designer’s multi-brand denim shop ‘STUDIO BLUE’ in Shinsaegae Department store.
2005~2008Consulted Lotte Mart’s Private brand for its launching -> 1st SPA brand ‘UL’ in Korea was launched. Recorded #1 in sales on Japanese shop channel in export and fashion sector (Aug.)
2009~2014Opened 5 shop ‘Peace be Sarah, SPA brand with high-end sensation stores in Lotte Dept.
(Targeted to be a low-price SPA brand with high sensation centering in China)
Complimented as the brand to be globalized within 5 years in Korea by executives of SPAIN ZARA
2009Proposed to develop high-end brand via cosmopolitan magazine from ‘Trend Magazine Group in China
Formed MOU with Mr. Libao, #10 richest in Beijing, to invest $36 M yearly
2010Participated MODE SHANGHAI invited by Shanghai Fashion Association as Peace be Sarah
(Evaluated as ‘Excellent’ from 300 important buyers for the presentation)
2011Held SHANGHAI COLLECTION Opening Fashion Show invited by Shanghai Fashion Association
2011Won a grand prize as a Top Designer in Asia by China among 13 countries
2011Sarahsim was recommanded as Korean high-end Partner by Korean fashon consulting companies for Hong Kong Rainbow Group
2012Korea’s 1st SPA brand aired on Lotte Home Shopping Design planning for “Ferino”, Italian outdoor brand for GS Home Shopping
2013Awarded as “The Designer of the Year” by Asia Model Association
2013Shisang Group, #1 Magazine company in China for promotion/Contracted with CBA for Chinese sales operation Held Beijing Fashion Show in process of forming Chinese joint venture for Peace be Sarah as a global SPA brand.
2014Participated “CHIC” (China International Clothing & Accessories Fair)
2015Opened “Beraka Cosmetics Co.,Ltd “ Started Peace be sarah Fashion Cosmetics
2015Awards “Han-vit”(A Person of glorify Korea) Embassies Day Seoul 2015
2016Opened Online-Store “Lotte Duty free Shop” “SSG.COM” “” “Lotte imall”
2017Participated “SHANGHAI BEAUTY EXPO 2017” SSG.COM x Peace be Sarah Collarboration (Premium Down wear)
2018Held Collarboration Fashion Show with Lotte Dept. Selected Shop ‘ELIDEN’ X Peace be Sarah about Mickey Mouse Opend ‘Peace be Sarah Fashion Cosmetics’ in ELIDEN PLAY ( Lotte Dept. Jamsil & Pusan )
2019Launched ‘URZ X Peace be Sarah’ Collarbration with Seoul Fashion Sewing Association Established China branch (Chongqing)